In cooperation with the NSF Center for Science of Information (CSoI), Info- Metrics will sponsor up to (potentially) 12 PhD (post graduate) students and Affiliates for participating in the 2013 Science of Information Summer School on Tuesday, June 04, 2013 - Friday, June 07, 2013, at Purdue University. For more information on this 3-day program see:

Approximately 6 of these will be current advanced PhD students at American University who are working on Info-metrics related research. The rest of the spots are open to our Affiliate and their students. Specifically, if you are interested in the Summer School, or you have a student that you like to send to that class please let us know.

Info-Metrics will:

1. Take care of the registration costs and registration.

2. Share in covering the domestic/international airfare (if needed).

We expect that the Affiliates who nominate student/s will share some (or all if possible) of the travel costs, but we leave this open for negotiations (on an individual basis/need).

Interested Affiliates should email Aisha at info- no later than Friday, February 22 by 5 PM with the subject line: Summer School.

Please state the name/s of your student/s, their research area and status (i.e., PhD second year, post-grad, etc.).

Priority will be given to Affiliates who are interested in taking that class. If you nominate more than a single student, please rank them.

(Note that your students can also register directly and independently of Info- Metrics once the official registration opens.)

Info-Metrics Institute
American University
Kreeger Hall 104, 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
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