The research collaboration “Epistemology of the LHC” organizes an interdisciplinary workshop entitled “The Epistemology of Data Selection and Analysis Procedures in Physics,” which will take place at Wuppertal University from March 7-9, 2013. The workshop will bring together physicists, philosophers of science as well as historians and sociologists of science. The aim is a better understanding of processes of data handling, such as selection or reduction, with a certain but not exclusive focus on the physical sciences.

Talks will be given by Sibylle Anderl, Allan Franklin, Gerd Grasshoff, Giora Hon, Hannes Jung, Koray Karaca, Michael Kraemer, Martina Merz, Margaret Morrison, Kent Staley, Wolfgang Wagner, and Adrian Wüthrich.

Information on the program of the workshop and talks to be given can be found on the webpage:

The workshop is open to visitors. No fee is charged, but registration is required. If you wish to attend the workshop as a visitor, please send an e-mail to Koray Karaca: karaca “at”