The AISB is now hosting a series of workshops to be held across the country, covering a wide range of themes pertinent to the aims of the AISB. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, you will find information on what you will need to do on this page:

These events are abstract-only and free for all AISB members. Current non- members would be able to attend for the cost of AISB membership,which they will be asked to arrange and pay for in advance by submitting a completed application form to the Executive Office. They would then be eligible to a year’s membership of the Society. This applies to speakers and audience alike. Refreshments (coffee and teas) are funded by the AISB. The first two workshops were both held at Goldsmiths, with a third workshop planned for April at St Mary’s University College on the topic of consciousness (more information in the next issue of Q). For more information, please visit our webpage, or you can contact Yasemin ( or Kent ( with any questions.