Info-Metrics Institute Workshop, Spring 2013

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The overall objective of this workshop is to study some of the open questions within philosophy of information with an emphasis on the study of the value of information and the philosophy of information processing.

Interest in the philosophy and meaning of information goes back half a century but has rapidly increased recently with many new directions of research into the meaning, quantification and measures of information and complexity as well as a vast range of applications across the scientific spectrum.

In our first workshop on the topic (October, 2011) we focused on one aspect of the philosophy of information: the different techniques to measure information and to identify meaningful information.

Building on our earlier workshop and recent development, in this workshop we focus on a number of related aspects of the philosophy of information and the philosophy of info-metrics. These topics include the value of information, quantifying information, processing complementary and contradicting information and the inter-relationship between information, computation and complexity.

This one day workshop will address these basic questions and will explore recent advances in the philosophy of information and its potential applications.


Value of information
Quantifying information
Measuring information
Processing information
How to define and quantify meaningful information


Pieter Adriaans (Amsterdam)
Ariel Caticha (SUNY Albany)
Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire and Oxford), Co-Chair
Amos Golan (American U.), Co-Chair

Pieter Adriaans (Amsterdam)
Min Chen (Oxford)
J. Michael Dunn (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire and Oxford)
Phyllis Illari (UCL)
James Moor (Dartmouth)
Ilya Nemenman (Emory)