Department of Philosophy, Durham University

20 th-21st May 2013

Call for Abstracts – Deadline: Friday 19th April 2013

This two-day workshop will bring together metaphysicians, applied ontologists and information systems theorists to discuss the practical application of a four-category ontology to the design of information systems.

This workshop aims to put advocates of four-category ontologies into direct dialogue with applied ontologists and information systems designers, enabling each to update the other on developments within their disciplines and to share concerns and problems for collective discussion.

Specific foci of the workshop will be (i) the presentation of practical problems in the design of information systems and (ii) the discussion of contemporary developments in the four-category ontology whose practical applications are not yet appreciated.

Invited speakers

  • Nicola Guarino, Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Trento
  • Ludger Jansen, University of Rostock
  • E. J. Lowe, Durham University
  • Luc Schnieder, Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science
  • Barry Smith, University at Buffalo


We invite abstracts of 300-500 words for presentations of half an hour, followed by fifteen minutes for discussion, on topics related to the aims of the workshop. Please prepare these for blind review and submit to a.d.carruth [at]

We aim to help cover the costs of attending the event for all those whose papers are accepted.

Please direct any enquiries to: