Luciano Floridi is Guest-professor at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University (Sweden)

The lecture series include:

Monday May 13th, 16-18
On the Foundation of the Philosophy of Information
Convenors: Patricia Mindus, Andreas Åkerlund, Frans Lundgren, Ulrika Kjellman
in collaboration with KUSKO & SALT
Location: Geijer-salen

Tuesday May 14th, 11-13
A Plea for Antinaturalism
Convenors: Lars-Göran Johansson, Patricia Mindus
Location: Seminar room, Philosophy Department

Wednesday May 15th, 16-18
Norms as Agents in the Information Society
Convenors: Peter Walgren, Patricia Mindus, Mauro Zamboni
in collaboration with Law School Stockholm University &
IRI Institutet för rättsinformatik
Location: Fakultetsrummet, plan 8, hus C, Frescati

Thursday May 16th, 19-21
Smart Technologies and their Challenges in the Age of Hyperhistory
Convenors: Per Algander, Patricia Mindus
In collaboration with Filosofiska Föreningen
Location: Seminar room, Philosophy Department

Friday May 17th, 11-13
Infraethics – What is it and why it matters
Convenor: Patricia Mindus
Location: Eng. 16-0043 Philosophy Department

For information, contact Patricia Mindus: