I share the news with sadness for the loss of a great philosopher and colleague, certainly a pioneer in our field.
I wonder whether the Society may do something to celebrate his work.
All the best,

http://leiterreports.typepad.com/blog/2013/07/in-memoriam-fred- dretske-1932-2012.html

Leiter says: ā€œIā€™m sorry to report that Professor Dretske has passed away. Most recently, he was a Senior Research Scholar in Philosophy at Duke University, and before that he taught for many years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and then at Stanford University. He made many well-known contributions to epistemology and the philosophy of mind over the past half- century. I will link to memorial notices when they appear. Professor Dretske had requested that there be neither a funeral nor a memorial service.ā€

see also http://www.newappsblog.com/2013/07/fred-dretske-1932-2013.html