Technologies have profoundly shaped the human experience, and continue to do so at an increasing pace, and with ever-expanding scope and impact. They are radically modifying not only how we interact with our environments, shape them, and make sense of them, but also how we understand ourselves and our position and responsibilities in the world. Technologies have brought enormous benefits and opportunities, but they also raise new and pressing challenges, whose complexity and global dimensions are rapidly evolving. There is much need for better understanding and new ideas.

PhilTech is the annual, multidisciplinary seminar series that brings prominent and influential speakers to the Oxford Internet Institute in order to advance critical understanding of the conceptual nature and practical consequences of technologies, and to provide new ideas about their fruitful and sustainable developments.

PhilTech is organised by Luciano Floridi and James Williams, with the support of the Oxford Internet Institute, in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, and with a sponsorship from the journal Philosophy & Technology.

Join us for lunch and talks at the OII. For (free) registration and program details, please see