Friday, March 27, 2015.

Pembroke College, Oxford, UK

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The overall objective of this workshop is to study open questions within the philosophy of information and information processing, with an emphasis on the value of observed information and its measurement. Interest in the philosophy, meaning and value of information goes back half a century but has rapidly increased recently with many new directions of research into the meaning, quantification and measures of information and its complexity. Theoretic advances in these directions will have a huge impact on a wide range of real world applications.

Call for Paper Submissions

Please submit papers to with subject line “PIIP 2015 Submission”. Submissions should include at least an extended abstract (2000 words or more) or preferably a draft paper. Please do not submit any paper that has been published or is under review by another venue.

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2014 by 23:59 (PDT).

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Major sponsors

  • The United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • American University College of Arts & Sciences
  • Oxford University