Tutorial at the [5th World Congress and School on Universal


Lecturer: Patrick Allo


The tutorial consists of three parts.

A first part covers the contrast between, on the one hand, the naturalness of characterisations of logical consequence in terms of information-containment, and, on the other hand, the perceived redundancy of informational notions in the formal characterisation of logical consequence. As part of this discussion, we review the seminal characterisation of semantic information due to Carnap & Bar-Hillel, Corcoran’s information-theoretic characterisation, and informational interpretations of substructural logic.

A second part deals with the influence of the dynamic and interactive turn in logic on how we perceive the relation between logic and information. In particular we consider how a conception of information as a distributed commodity brings many informational or communicative actions within the scope of logic.

In a third part we identify common themes in the study of logic and information, explore new challenges for our thinking about logic and information that are inspired by the philosophy of information and the philosophy of computation.


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