On _ June 29, 2015 _a one-day workshop, entitled: Information and the Cognitive Sciences, will be held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the auspices of Sidney M. Edelstein Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science, Technology & Medicine.

The workshop aims to uncover the ways ‘information’ and ‘information processing’ play an explanatory role in the cognitive sciences. It will bring together empirical researchers and philosophers for a healthy exchange of ideas. All are welcome.

0900-0930: Welcome Notes

0930-1030: Keynote Lecture
A/Prof Andrea Scarantino, Georgia State University (webpage)
Title: Probabilistic Information: A Brief History and a New Theory

Prof Marius Usher, Tel Aviv University (webpage)
Title: From Mutual Information and Bayesian decision models to Mental Representations (and Misrepresentation)

1130-1200: Coffee Break

Prof Ehud Ahissar, Weizmann Institute of Science (webpage)
Title: Perception as an organism-environment closed-loop process

1300-1400: Lunch Break

Dr. Nir Fresco, The Hebrew University (webpage) & Prof Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University (webpage)
Title: Functional Information and General Selection: A seemingly strong connection


Dr. Oren Shriki, Ben Gurion University (webpage)
Title: How Sensory Deprivation and High Plasticity may lead to Hallucinations and Synaesthesia: An information theoretic perspective

1600-1630: Coffee Break

Prof Naftali Tishby, The Hebrew University (webpage)
Title: Predictive Information and the Emergence Cognitive Hierarchies

General Q&A Session & Workshop Conclusion