ASIS &T 80th Annual Meeting - Proposed Pre-Conference Workshop

Washington D.C. (Crystal City, Virginia), USA Oct. 27-Nov 1, 2017

Twenty seventeen (2017) is a special year for the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) as we are reaching an 80-year milestone of our establishment. The theme of ASIS&T 2017 is focused on the diverse ways in which people from different backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines forge connections with each other, discover and use information, and engage with technology. The ASIS&T Annual Meeting is a premier, peer-reviewed international conference that gathers scholars and practitioners from around the globe to share research, innovations, and insights regarding how information and technology mediate the creation and use of knowledge within and across cultures and enhance lives.


Central focus for the workshop panels are the development of the Chinese information concept and its manifestation in documentation and library science, information science, and information philosophy. Some researchers of note (not intending to be exclusive in any way) include QIAN XUESEN, ZHONG YIXIN, WU KUN, and YAN XUESHAN, among others. Some background works (again, not exclusive):

ZHOU, JINLONG; WANG, CHUANQING; ZHAO, XIN. 2008. An Overview on the Development of Chinese Library and Information Science Journals. Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science (Quarterly). 2008, 1(2):63-80. ISSN: 1674-3393.

LU, TAIHONG. 1990. Four Milestones in the Development of Information Science. Journal of the China’s Society for Scientific and Technical Information. 1990 October; 9(5): 394-400. (In Chinese; English abstract).

LU, TAIHONG. 1991. The Evolution and Trends of MIS. Information Science (China). 1991; 12(4): 53-60. (In Chinese). ISSN: 1000-8489.

YAN, YIMIN. 1989. The Development of Theories in Information in China: 1949-1989. Libraries & Information (China). 1989; 3: 1-6. (In Chinese).

Under the sponsorship of ASIS&T’s Special Interest Group on the History and Foundations of Information Science, we are looking for panelists to contribute to a day of workshops in a pre-conference setting. Proposals should be written in English (300-500 words) describing your scholarly interest and intention to attend at least the pre-conference event if your proposal is accepted. There is no support for fees, accommodations, or travel—all costs are the responsibility of attendee-panelists. Scholars are encouraged to make submissions to the main Annual Meeting proceedings as well.

Proposals and questions to: Please submit by March 31, 2017

Ken Herold, Associate Dean of Libraries, Adelphi University, USA

Chair, ASIS&T SIG/HFIS 2015-2017